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P.PORTO Training Program 2019/20


The training plan for 2019/20 school year of the Polytechnic of Porto is presented on October 30, at P.PORTO Common Services

EIPP - e-Learning and Pedagogical Innovation Unit of the Polytechnic of Porto will start, on October 30, the 2019-2020 Pedagogical Training Program. The aim of this training plan is to provide knowledge that develops and facilitates familiarization with e / b-learning environments and the construction of innovative courses, supported by the latest teaching and learning paradigms.

The Training Program is divided into three blocks, the first for Distance Learning (DE), intended to promote innovative tools, both face-to-face and online; the second, called Curriculum and Curriculum Management, is intended for the conception, planning and curriculum development in a pedagogical context; and finally, the third and last block, named Pedagogical Tertulias, is dedicated to monthly training sessions in peer context, to be held in the eight schools of the Polytechnic of Porto.

The different courses are intended for higher education teachers (from both P.PORTO community and external institutions) and the frequency in the training is relevant to the teacher performance evaluation process. The presentation session of the Training Program will take place on October 25th in the Porto Polytechnic Common Services.

The training sessions will be in person and online, at the premises of the e-Learning Unit, in the Library Building, 3rd floor (Campus 1). For any further information contact the EIPP at the following email: e-ipp@sc.ipp.pt.