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P.PORTO promotes volunteer program in Felgueiras


"QUALidade" brings together students and the senior population of the municipality of Felgueiras, in a week full of activities

During a week, P.PORTO students from several areas as cultural animation, social education, computer science, health, sports, communication, hospitality and music volunteers to chaperon the senior population of the municipality on visits and itineraries (a kind of vacation herein), promoting activities that promote interpersonal relations, participation and citizenship, valuing local culture and heritage, informal physical activity, socio-emotional development, and recreation and leisure.

From July 22nd to 27th, the first edition of the QUALidade program takes place in Felgueiras, with the aim of providing a different week to the participants, a week of reciprocal sharing of experiences, knowledge and traditions, promoting intergenerational solidarity at the same time which fights the isolation and abandonment of the most vulnerable senior population in the Felgueiras district.

Rosa Maria Rocha, Pro-President for Social Responsibility and promoter of this initiative, stresses that for the current presidency, volunteering is a crucial activity and that this institutional commitment is embodied in a series of programs aimed at students, but also teachers and staff.

"The QUALidade volunteer program, a partnership with the City of Felgueiras, seeks to demonstrate to senior citizens that there is no age to live well, even alone, without a family support, people can and should relate with the neighbors, help each other, they will be happier, healthier and with an increase quality-of-life. "The QUALidade program is part of a policy of Social Responsibility, a policy of action every time more demanding in Higher Education, who are required to participate actively in the local, national and international agenda for sustainable development.

Because there is no age to live with Quality!