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P.PORTO promotes diabetes health event


The Jardins do Palácio de Cristal hosts, next September 28, Diabetes (con) VIDA, a diabetes health awareness, promotion and education event

Diabetes is the most common chronic disease in the western world and, if not detected, treated and monitored, can lead to serious complications.

According to the most recent studies, the worldwide prevalence of this disease is over 500 million people, with an estimated prevalence in Portugal of over one million and probably over 500,000, but they are unaware of its condition.

Raising awareness of this exponential scourge is critical to improving patients' living conditions. Therefore, the research groups Bio4Dia (P.PORTO) and Metabolism, Nutrition and Endocrinology (i3S, Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto) organized an event around the promotion and education for diabetes health.

The event was developed as part of the BIO4DIA Scientific Research and Technological Development Project - Early detection and monitoring of metabolic progression of type 2 diabetes, under the reference NORTE-01-0145-FEDER-024325 - SAICTPOL / 24325/2016, funded by the Competitiveness and Internationalization Operational Program, the Northern Regional Operational Program under the ERDF component, and the Foundation for Science and Technology.

Issues such as glycemic index, diabetes nutrition, its relationship to heart problems, cancer, stroke or obesity are some of the problems addressed by experts in the field, in a day that aims to raise awareness and promote the health of diabetes. In addition to the scientific program, free screenings will be conducted throughout the day.