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P.PORTO fights dropout with support fund


The Support and Social Emergency Fund (FAES) is designed to ensure that no student is excluded from higher education because of financial disability.

It is the duty of the Higher Education Institution to ensure a level playing field and successful attendance of its students, especially those who, despite their demonstrated skills, are at risk of dropping out.

For P.PORTO, the growing problem of dropping out of the economically disadvantaged student is an increasingly pressing concern. It is in this framework of social responsibility - and fulfilling the mission of an institution that wants to be more inclusive, that postulates respect for the principles of universality and equality in access to higher education - that, in 2018, the Social Emergency and Support Fund (FAES) was born.

FAES, a supplementary fund to existing ones consisting of donations from individual or collective patrons, allows the implementation of a extra social action to support students who, despite their economic needs, do not have access to social action of the state.

Candidates are ranked in a transparent and objective manner according to their particular situation - whether proven shortage or punctual social emergency.

The first collaboration agreements between beneficiaries, patrons and the Polytechnic of Porto were signed on January 17 this year. At the time, Rosa Maria Rocha, Pro-President of P.PORTO for Social Responsibility, explained the importance of this project by stressing that "reasons of economic fragility cannot be an obstacle for our students to pursue their goals and gain the necessary skills to enter the labor market ". Over the past school year there have been three more sessions of this nature.

This is our commitment. This is our responsibility.