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ISCAP signed a partnership with the Google Cultural Institute


ISCAP, through its Centre for Intercultural Studies (CEI) and Masters in Intercultural Studies for Business – MISB –, have signed a partnership with the Google Cultural Institute.

Google Cultural Institute is a Google venture whose mission is to “make the world’s cultural heritage accessible, by preserving digital art, educating, and inspiring future generations”.

Google Cultural Institute integrates the Google Arts&Culture digital platform with high-resolution images of works of art from more than 40 countries; the World of Wonders Project, with 3 dimentional recreations of world heritage; and exhibitions in partnership with museums and institutions from all over the world.Google Arts & Culture currently supports over 700 cultural institutions from more than 60 countries, 60,000 original works of art digitized in high resolution, 7 million arquives, over 1000 Street View screenshots, and more than 1100 exibitions with specialists’ curatorship.

Google Arts & Culture has been widely recognized as an important factor in allowing cultural institutions to share their heritage and, in doing so, making it accessible for all.Google Arts&Culture has already partnered with hundreds of museums, cultural institutions, and archives, and now adds ISCAP-P.PORTO to its partners, through CEI and MISB.

Students and teachers from MISB will participate in the building and curatorship of a virtual exhibition that will be hosted at the Google Arts& Culture platform. Through a pedagogical project whose goal is to reflect on cultural heritage and the transformation of cultural assets into products, this exhibition will equally serve to promote and raise awareness to the significant Portuguese cultural heritage.

In the 2017/2018 school year, CEI and MISB will cooperate with the International Museum of Contemporary Sculpture of Santo Tirso, the only outdoors Sculpture Museum in Portugal. The research project carried out by students and teachers will propose a virtual journey through the exceptional collection of this Museum, based upon a careful research methodology.