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International conference on alumni relations with more than 25 countries


The second edition will take place at Instituto Superior de Contabilidade e Administração do Porto (ISCAP) from the 11th to 12th of may.

ICAReAlumni was intentionally designed to allow higher education institutions – even the ones from countries in which alumni engagement and culture are still developing – to make the most out of alumni relations.

The inspiring learning environment of the 1st ICAReAlumni will mark the 2017 edition again. In addition to being able to attend all sessions, there will be 30 minutes for questions and answers following each session.

In this way, we ensure that all attendees have the opportunity to participate in an insightful discussion that allows them to deepen their learning and take back to their institutions the best practices in this area.

ICAReAlumni and the city of Porto are waiting for you!


To enhance the knowledge on alumni relations within countries that are building an alumni culture by making available an inclusive and affordable context specially dedicated to meaningful learning about alumni relations.

Target Group

This conference is aimed at higher education professionals – from senior management to operational levels - that are working towards creating and/or developing a sustainable and engaging alumni program within their institutions.