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Heritage Routes, Street Art & Literary Tourism


ISCAP Centre for Intercultural Studies, P.PORTO's School of Business Sciences, hosts this seminar on September 27

The Centre of Intercultural Studies (CEI) of the Institute of Accounting and Administration of Porto  (ISCAP) is preparing to host the Heritage Routes, Street Art & Literary Tourism seminar - TheRoute and StreetArtCEI projects. Admission is free.

The event will take place on September 27th, Friday, between 10am and 5pm, in the ISCAP  conference hall, and will take place within the framework of the European Heritage Days 2019, which will take place between 27th and 29th.

The seminar opens with the presentation of TheRoute project, by ISEP researcher Carlos Ramos, followed by the presentation of some literary routes; Clara Sarmento, coordinator of CEI, will present StreetArtCEI, prior to the presentation of its geographical routes.

The program, which can be consulted at the bottom, ends precisely with a guided tour of the routes of both projects. It is recalled that StreetArtCEI is a project launched in 2018 by CEI, born following its participation in the TheRoute project, led by P.PORTO. Initially the fieldwork was focused on the streets of Porto and northern Portugal inspired by the pages of writers who placed their narratives there.

CEI researchers were, however, awakening to other visual narratives and polychromas, also inscribed in the city, and the team then embarked on a side project motivated by the discovery of unforeseen and anonymous art on the city walls. Summoning the conceptual tools of intercultural studies, the StreetArtCEI project was defined as a spin-off of TheRoute project, with the aim of further blurring the already blurred boundaries between dominant and marginal cultures, their practices, symbols and aesthetic manifestations in space. open, shifting and always ephemeral of the city.