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Festival SET 2019


Arrives this year to its 10th edition the festival SET - the Performing Arts Schools Week, promoted by ESMAE, School of Arts of P.PORTO

SET - the Performing Arts Schools Week - is a dynamic and pedagogical festival organized by students of School of Music and Performing Arts (ESMAE), which aims to support the artistic development of students in the area of theater, music and dance, giving them the necessary space to projects they conceive.

The aim is to involve the different schools and professional backgrounds (extended to other areas of the performing arts) for a broad and comprehensive debate. Ten years have passed since its first edition, and SET has always been synonymous with a fruitful movement and the most improbable encounters.

In a year in which the Theater Department of ESMAE celebrates 25 years of existence, the theme of this tenth edition reflects the memory of performative art.

"Collecting the past is our identity" is the key phrase of SET'19:

"Memory is our identity, which materializes in symbols and events that celebrate this identity. It becomes more comprehensive and more "shareable" in these meetings and consequent appropriations. Nevertheless, the adaptation and interpretation of these symbols creates some ambiguity or different perspectives, since the point of view varies in the individuality of "reading". Thus, this blurred memory can be a betrayal or a fantasy, if the memory is not archived, substantiated, evidenced ... in clippings, albums, videos, time lapses boxes. "

More information for the email set.esmae@esmae.ipp.pt.