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ESS teachers develop socks that prevent sprains


This socks, created by Diogo Silva and Alexandre Lopes, teachers from ESS P.PORTO, protect the ankle of athletes and non-athletes

Researching and adaptation are important resources that combined with innovation can launch new products.

This was the concept behind the project: Prevent Sprain Technology (PST) an optimized sports sock for the prevention of sprains or distensions of the tibiotarsus, now patented in 143 countries.

 This project combines the skills of physiotherapists Diogo Silva and Alexandre Lopes, teachers of Health School (ESS) of Polytechnic of Porto, researchers at the Rehabilitation Research Center, and CM Socks - Peúgas Carlos Maia, one of the most recognized companies in the field.

 The impact of this intervention is supported by studies that place this type of injury as the most frequent in several sports, both collective and individual, as well in non-athletes. This is a lesion with a high rate of relapse, and in about 40% of cases it may lead to clinical conditions like Chronic Ankle Instability.

Its prevalence is a concern all over the world, being transversal to all competitive levels, ages and sexes.

This product has advantages related to the prevention in ankle sprain through a double stabilization (passive and active). Passive stabilization will be obtained by the specific orientation of the fibers that compose them, which counteract the mechanism of injury (inversion and / or supination).

On the other hand, active muscle stabilization will be achieved by the different pressures and elasticities of the material that will stimulate specific sensory receptors of the skin, thus increasing the afferent information to the central nervous system, making easier the intrinsic muscular activation of the main muscles that actively control the mechanism of lesion.

 The research carried several field and lab studies (in expert and amateur practitioners, male and female of various modalities), being used, at the moment, by elite players in volleyball, handball, football or futsal.