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ESMAE's latest playwrights can now be "heard”


The Post-Graduation in Dramaturgy and Script from ESMAE, School of Arts of P. PORTO, presents, in partnership with RTP, the radio play "A Oito Mãos"

Antena 2 will broadcast a radio play on the next holiday, December 8th, at 7 pm entitled “A Oito Mãos” produced by the Escola Superior de Música e Artes do Espetáculo | ESMAE of the Polytechnic of Porto.

"A Oito Mãos" is an exercise in memory, a story passed between messages and phone calls, in which loss, secrets and the past find redemption in the language of love and freedom.

The text is by Laura Avelar Ferreira, actress and director, who completed the Postgraduate Course in Drama and Screenplay in 2019, and has the voices of Cecília Ferreira, Flora Miranda, Laura Avelar Ferreira, Sofia Príncipe, António Durães, Sofia Saldanha, Clara Felizes and Carolina Pereira. The music is by Bruno Vicente and João Bastos, performed by Beatriz Isabel Pinheiro (clarinet), Daniel Almeida (piano) and João Francisco Chicória (violin) with musical coordination by Sofia Teixeira. The general coordination is by Jorge Louraço Figueira and Marco Conceição.

For Jorge Louraço, playwright and postgraduate coordinator, radio theater and sound fiction experiences "allow us to play with dramatic language through a very specific medium, and that alone is already a good artistic exercise" stressing that "our The idea is to get the listener to have a profound experience, because the sound has a capacity to evoke very great memories, and to take the viewer through a very strong personal journey ".

In addition to this radio play, a series of micro-plays written by students from 2019-20 in the scope of writing classes for audio, guided by Sofia Saldanha, has been on the air since yesterday. It is one per day and was carried out by the Center for Dramaturgy and Argument (CeDA), a group made up of students from the first edition of graduate studies.

However, this unprecedented formation in Portugal does not live only with sound and words, with several plays and readings staged with broadcast scheduled on RTP2. The postgraduate program promotes not only a systematic training in dramaturgy, but also provides the opportunity to work directly with professionals in this area and ensures visibility on different platforms for new voices in dramaturgy and script.

According to the coordinator "artistic training is only complete when the apprentice feels the reaction of the audience and, in the case of dramaturgy, of the teams that carry out the texts, whether in the theater, on the screen, or on the loudspeakers (In this sense, each work is a lesson for its author) ".

Jorge Louraço highlights the importance of partnerships with TNSJ, RTP2 and Antena 2, or with Serralves. "It is these partnerships that allow the real conclusion of the course to be made."

"At the same time" - he concludes - "there is an urgent need to diversify playwrights, and these institutions, not by chance, public and national, are ideal for doing this work."