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School of Music and Performing Arts

At P.PORTO, Culture is substantive, not adjective. The School of Music and Performing Arts (ESMAE) is a national and international reference for higher education in arts.

We are located in the centre of Porto but we have an international standing, and offer customised and cutting-edge higher education programmes in music and drama.


Built in 1985, on the foundations of the former School of Music, this is one of the founding schools of the Porto Polytechnic. Today it features three departments - music, theatre and image arts - which rely on the devotion and commitment of 800 students and over 100 teaching staff.
A postgraduate programme in Dance was created in 2016, in cooperation with Teatro Municipal do Porto and the support of the School of Education. This unique teaching model in Europe will give those enrolling in the degree the chance to learn from performers transiting through one of city's main theatres.

The School of Music and the Performing Arts boasts a highly reputable art education and a partnership network at local, national and international levels. Our exceptional practical skills coupled with intellectual and ethical dimensions are what distinguishes us.

This School is home to the Helena Sá e Costa Theatre and to the Café-Concert Francisco Beja, and apart from being a space for creating and experimenting, it is the venue of over 200 art events annually. The ESMAE Symphony Orchestra, the Portuguese Saxophone Orchestra, and the Jazz Orchestra, among many others are often the performers in many of those.
We are Arts, we are P.PORTO

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