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Helena Sá e Costa Theatre

Inaugurated in May 2000, Helena Sá e Costa Theater (THSC) is an integrated structure located at the School of Music and Arts (ESMAE), built from scratch in its inner courtyard.

The THSC's mission is to promote and boost the Arts, as a tools of the process of knowledge and integral growth of the individual, in the aspects of dance, music and theater, fostering the revelation of new tendencies and supporting movements of embryonic artistic, projects inside and outside the institution.

Its objectives are to promote artistic projects capable of attracting and retaining new segments of the public (s) and participating in the cultural dynamo of the city. T

This can be achieved through dance, music and drama, enhancing the disclosure of new trends and supporting embryonic art projects in and out of the institution.

It is the venue par excellence where P.PORTO's students  (but not only) can perform for the community and where the best in drama and musical productions (both national and international) can be enjoyed. 
The Helena Sá e Costa Theater offers to all P.PORTO students, teachers and employees a free access book to shows that are part of their program.


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