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Café-Concerto Francisco Beja

The Café-Concerto Francisco Beja, named after a figure inseparable from the ESMAE performance arts, has multifunctional values in the areas of music (with emphasis on the weekly Jazz Sessions) and performance. The gallery, skirting to a higher level throughout the room, doubles as an exhibition space.

Further to operating as a school canteen, the Café Concert Francisco Beja is a multifunctional venue used for music (especially the weekly Jazz Sessions) and audiovisual events. The gallery, overlooking the whole room, is used as an exhibition space. Gathering place of the school community, this venue is, due to its programming, a living room that welcomes all who wish to benefit from its cultural offer: small performance and theatre shows, jazz concerts, chamber and contemporary music, small orchestras and other musical groups. The Café Concert also hosts the Students' Union Culturfest events like afro jams, forró, folk, lindy-hop, workshops, between others.