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Students from the School of Healthcare Technology of Porto at the Student's Parade | RuiPinheiro©


Studying in Porto is an unforgettable experience.

Porto is recognized worldwide for multiple reasons. It is not just for the known wine with the same name, for its soccer team and for the food, but because it is a city of science, research and culture. It is a vibrant and young city where academic life is lived intensely. The large concentration of higher education students in Porto makes this an Erasmus city that is multicultural, cosmopolitan and low cost (or high budget). The internationalization and plurality of cultures that we see and live in the streets are an asset for all who live, study or work here.

P.PORTO offers the community conditions, services and equipment that exceed its training mission, allowing the integration and development of the individual. We are a theater, a symphony orchestra, a publisher. We have numerous publications in scientific journals. We integrate relevant innovation structures in the region and collaborate with over 300 entities across four continents. We encourage sports.

Besides all of this, P.PORTO has designed an extensive portfolio of partnerships with the cultural agents of the city and the region that allows members of its community to access cultural life with very significant savings. Basically, and we happen and make it happen.

We guarantee modern infrastructures and equipment. We have a theatre, orchestras, publisher and a museum. We have a valuable network of libraries, student residence halls and cafeterias.

Displaying an academic curricular experience from Porto and the P.PORTO opens doors and adds value due to the scientific, social and cultural recognition of the city and the institution. Studying here, living with us, is a way to build a rich identity that transcends technical and scientific knowledge. It is to consent to the wider horizons and benefits that derive from the role that P.PORTO assumes at various levels and in different places.

Together we build Porto, and a northern region that is constantly growing and renovating itself.