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The priority action axis of P.PORTO in R&D aims at generating knowledge to meet society’s great challenges, whether they are of a local, regional or international nature.

Our activities encompass from advanced scientific research to the application of research results for social and technology development. The continuous search for knowledge, the creation of new knowledge, this is a fundamental aspect of our mission. This aspect of the mission becomes complete when research has impact and allows evolution of the society around us. The will and ability to promote the societal impact of our research is essential to our activity.

These are the guidelines that drive the research process at P.PORTO.

Our culture combines leadership with partnership, convergence with diversity, competitiveness with cooperation.

P.PORTO hosts 24 research centres and groups distributed across our eight schools, which participate in multiple national and international R&D projects, with significant recognition for their scientific outcomes and impact, both in companies and social organisations. These include autonomous R&D units recognized FCT, the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, as well as relevant research groups integrated in large Associate Laboratories and in other research units.

In a context of increasingly multidisciplinary and cooperative research, the research centres and groups of P.PORTO act in several, inter-related, areas, such as Engineering, Business Sciences, Education, Arts, Technology and Management, Health, Hospitality and Tourism and Media Arts and Design.

Leadership and partnership in strategic networks who transform society.

We bridge senior researchers' efficiency with young researchers' audacity. Our culture is based on the deep and constant exchange between accomplishment and production. Research is a continuous spiral process, between thinking and acting, for continuous improvement, and innovation in new areas and new applications We cooperate and lead at national and international level.

P.PORTO's R&D centres have taken the lead in either small, local projects or large, intercontinental projects, by joining strategic partnership networks capable of designing the future and of making dreams come true.

Examples of P.PORTO leadership can be found in the 3P's project, covering the area of nanomaterials and biosensors for cancer detection and resulting from one of the few Starting Grants awarded in Portugal by the European Research Council, or the P.SOCRATES FP7 project which deals in real-time critical systems for parallel computing, DREAM-GO, a RISE project on Smart Electrical Networks and one of the largest projects of the Marie Curie programme of H2020, the GMOSensor project, with Brazil and Argentina, on biosensors in the area of Food and Environment, or VISIR+, another project with Brazil and Argentina, geared towards consolidating a Remote Lab network.

We think as a network. We create as a network

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