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Research Workshops

P.PORTO Research Workshops are thematic meetings, to present and discuss our R&D activities and outcomes, providing a space for debate, networking and creation of synergies.

The priority action axis of P.PORTO in R&D aim at generating knowledge and technology to meet society’s great challenges, whether local, regional or international. Our activities encompass from advanced scientific research to the application of research results for social and technology development.

P.PORTO hosts 24 research centres and groups distributed across our eight schools, which participate in multiple national and international R&D projects, with significant recognition for their scientific outcomes and impact, both in companies and social organisations. In a context of increasingly multidisciplinary and cooperative research, the research centres and groups of P.PORTO act in several, inter-related, areas. 

The P.PORTO Research Workshops are open access – our R&D is created with and for our partners and the community.