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Entrepreneurial spirit

 P.PORTO TV intends to release videos clips to the Porto Polytechnic community and to reinforce the links between the Schools and the Presidency Services, getting closer to the Alumni, the companies and other Higher Education institutions.



This networking event aims to create inter-recognition opportunities of what is developed at the Porto Polytechnic in terms of Research and Development, both internally and with businesses. In partnership with IAPMEI, I&D competencies will be presented to some companies and set contacts for joint work in the future.

The Deputy Minister and Minister of the Regional Development, Miguel Poiares Maduro, visited the Porto Design Factory, of the Porto Polytechnic, with the purpose to know the innovation and social entrepreneurship projects.

 The Porto Polytechnic hosts the working session of a pioneering project in Portugal, devoted to the development of a Study on Alumni and Employability.


 The Douro Royal Valley Hotel  Spa - Porto School Hotel promises to revolutionize the hotel industry in Douro and Portugal, by uniting luxury tourism with training in the five stars hotel industry.

 The Students Union of the Porto Accounting and Business School of the P.PORTO organized on  9 April, a session of talks I.Make, dedicated to the entrepreneurship, proactivity and creativity.