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International Credit Mobility

The International Credit Mobility of Individuals is part of Action 1 - Higher Education of the Eramus + Program and aims to promote the mobility of people from higher education to and from partner countries (in-funding).


Increase the attractiveness of higher education in Europe and support higher education institutions to compete in the world market for higher education;

Support the priorities identified in the communications "Increasing the Impact of EU Development Policy: an Agenda for Change" (2011) and "European Higher Education in the World" (2013).

Support the internationalization, attractiveness and modernization of higher education institutions outside Europe with a view to promoting the development of partner countries;

Promote the development of foreign policy objectives and principles including ownership, social cohesion, equity, geographical balance and diversity. Particular focus is given to the least developed countries as well as to students with socio-economic difficulties and / or with special needs.

Guide Students

For a more in-depth knowledge of this activity, it is suggested that you consult the Guide to the Erasmus + 2017 Program, part B.



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