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Innovation is part of P.PORTO because we value different types of talent. These skills are here to transform ideas into initiatives.

Our education model harnesses innovation because we promote curricular subjects driven to entrepreneurship, since the first cycle of studies. All P.PORTO schools are involved in technology transfer processes, through the provision of services as technological consultancy, consortium projects, licensing of patents or creation of spin-offs.

Research and development, Industrial and intellectual property, technology and knowledge transfer, social innovation and technological, creative industries, entrepreneurship, incubation, spin-offs, startups - these are some of the concepts we deal with presently in the construction of the future. Thus, P.PORTO offers services to support the definition, promotion and incentive of innovation policies, in areas such as knowledge economy and entrepreneurship, assuming itself as a partner for the transformation and reinforcement of competitiveness.

We definitely seek to promote generations of pro-active, ambitious and bold entrepreneurs. In the future, these people will make the difference in the organisations where they will work, either in companies or jobs created by them.

We directly operate in the socio-economic community at a local and global scale. As examples of this connection, there is locally INOVAGAIA and, globally, the Porto Design Factory, the Portuguese cluster of the Design Factory network, present in countries such as China, Australia, Switzerland or South Korea.

Another way to implement this interaction with society occurs in the framework of a group of affiliates, either non-profit private associations, public limited liability companies, private limited liability companies, public interest cooperatives with limited responsibility or Foundations.

Embracing people, projects and companies, we are convinced of the importance of the exchange between knowledge and entrepreneurship. We believe in talent, but distrust the impossible.

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