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Business Suport

In the framework of its third mission, P.PORTO seeks to promote, stimulate and support the establishment of external relations, projects and partnerships, in particular with the business community, working in regional, national and international contexts. This action, shown in the development of applied research projects, the support to knowledge transfer and value creation for businesses through R&D&I services, has a strategic importance to the Institution.

Thus, P.PORTO offers services to support the definition, promotion and incentive of innovation policies, in areas such as knowledge economy and entrepreneurship, assuming itself as a partner for the transformation and reinforcement of competitiveness. P.PORTO is also engaged in relevant activities in different domains. For instance: customised project development R&D&I for companies or consortiums; identification and evaluation of products and services as a result of R&D processes with innovation potential and/or identification of suitable partners; supervision of joint projects with external entities, namely with companies; partnerships management in the domain of innovation and the support to the creation of startups and spin-offs; management of national and international partnerships in the domain of innovation and knowledge transfer; support to companies in the management of the Industrial Property; research, identification and promotion of funds (European or others) fit to be used in development projects with companies in the domain of innovation, knowledge transfer and ID.

The connection of P.PORTO to businesses is also achieved through students, in internships or participating in R&D projects, requested by our partners to imprint an innovative matrix as a result of their training in P.PORTO.


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