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Academic Organization Office

The Academic Organization Office (GOA - Gabinete de Organização Académica) has several responsibilities. Here we seek to facilitate and support student in the admission processes, enrollment and registration in courses. We prepare supporting documents and assist with admission processes to higher education.

GOA is responsible for the educational, academic and disciplinary matters of P.PORTO’s students, whose competence does not belong to the respective organic units or management bodies with specific responsibility. Thus, its responsibilities include drawing up notices and warnings related to enrollment, registration, examinations, tests, transfers, readmissions, course changes, special qualifications, payment of fees and registering all acts related to students’ academic life. In this context, GOA also issues the cartas de curso (diploma) that are requested and supports the schools in the issuance of certificates and transcripts. Additionally, GOA certifies student attendance and successful completion or any other acts and facts related to the service that are not private or that the organic units are responsible for.

We provide information on the conditions of access to the courses taught in the different P.PORTO schools and frequency conditions. GOA is also responsible for receiving, organizing and controlling the recognition of qualifications and competences process.

We regularly update the database when undergraduate or graduate courses are created, modified or terminated. Finally, we update and archive students’ historical information and ensure the smooth running of the office. 

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