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Digital Marketing (Evening courses) (Evening Classes)

The Master in Digital Marketing intends to introduce an element of innovation in small companies, where activities related to marketing are usually in a single department and the person in charge directs all activities of the commercial function. In large companies, on the other hand, it is normal to have more than one department, with intermediate technicians and heads for each of the product and / or service segments or for each of the marketing areas. The product manager and / or brand are examples of this type of professionals and result from the marketing specialization.

These professionals should be people with strong analytical, organizational and leadership skills and should be able to design and execute global digital marketing strategies. They are people who have to contact a varied number of people (internal and external to the company), know how to work in a team, have excellent communication skills (oral and written). In addition, their functions require that they be knowledgeable about their environment (economy, competition, consumption habits, trends, technological innovations, etc.) and creative, so that they can devise appropriate, innovative strategies capable of Sales.


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342 - Marketing e publicidade
N.º Despacho/Portaria: Despacho nº 9923/2014 (2ª Série)
1º Ano
Unidade curricular Período ECTS
Mobile Marketing Summer Semester
Strategic Marketing Summer Semester
Option II - Search Engine Marketing Summer Semester
E-Business Project Summer Semester
Marketing Intelligence and Research Summer Semester
Development of Digital Products Winter Semester
Internet Marketing Winter Semester
Option I - Logistics in e-Commerce Winter Semester
Relational Marketing and Social Media Winter Semester
Multimedia Development Winter Semester
2º Ano
Unidade curricular Período ECTS
Thesis/Project/Traineeship - Dissertation Annual
Thesis/Project/Traineeship - Project Annual
Thesis/Project/Traineeship - Professional Practice Annual
Thematic Seminars in Digital Marketing Winter Semester
Research Methods in Marketing Winter Semester
  • • Consultancy in e-marketing, e-business and e-commerce;
  • • Planning, management and mediation of results of Digital Marketing actions;
  • • Implementation of e-commerce systems;
  • • Creation of communication pieces for printing on paper and for publication on the Internet;
  • • Development of interactive content for CD-ROM / DVDs and for mobile communication equipment;
  • • Capturing and editing digital audio and video;
  • • Implementation and management of CRM systems.

Candidates with the following qualifications can apply for access to the cycles leading to the master's degree (article 17 of Decree-Law no. 74/2006, of 24 March):

A) Holders of a bachelor's degree (180 ECTS) or legal equivalent;

B) Holders of a foreign higher academic degree conferred following a 1st. Cycle of Studies, organized according to the principles of the Bologna Process, by a State adhering to this Process and with the necessary number of credits for this purpose;

C) Holders of a foreign higher academic degree that is recognized as satisfying the objectives of the degree of licenciado by the scientific body competent of the Superior Institute of Accounting and Administration of Porto;

D) To have a school, scientific or professional curriculum, which is recognized as attesting capacity to carry out this cycle of studies by the statutorily competent scientific body of the Higher Institute of Accounting and Administration of Porto;

E) Holders of a Bachelor Degree or Licentiate degree organized in 300 ECTS or legal equivalent.

Will be accepted, conditioned to obtain the degree of Bachelor in 2011-12, applications of students finalists. Candidates in these conditions, instead of the final classification of the degree, should indicate the simple arithmetic mean of the classifications of all the units in which they have already obtained approval.

NOTE: You do not need to read the published application notice annually.