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Artificial Intelligence Engineering

The Master in Artificial Intelligence Engineering (MEIA) is a bet on Excellence, Innovation and the Future, accredited for the maximum period (6 years) by the Accreditation Agency (A3ES). 


This Programme aims to offer a Programme preparing students for the new trends in Computer Engineering, in particular for Artificial Intelligence, which at the moment appear to be very strong in large companies and with a high factor in creating new startups, and spinoffs.

The programme will make a strong alignment between the training offer of the Department of Computer Engineering and the resident competencies in terms of R&D, namely by the existence of an ISEP R&D Unit with the ranking of Excellent (GECAD - Engineering Research Group and Intelligent Computing for Innovation and Development) by FCT.


The Programme covers the main methodologies and technologies of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a comprehensive way, namely: AI Programming Paradigms; Knowledge Engineering; Planning and Decision Support; Machine Learning; Natural Language; Intelligent Environments; Internet of Things; Computer Vision; Robotics; Intelligent Agents; AI Social Aspects; AI Research and Innovation; AI Applications; Preparation and Development of Internship / Project / Dissertation.


It is also the objective of the Master to encourage pedagogical innovation practices, especially those that inculcate complex problem-solving skills, critical thinking and creativity, the 3 main cross-cutting skills planned for 2020 by employers (Top 10 Soft Skills 2020).


The Master allows to follow careers like Big Data Engineer; Business Intelligence Engineer; Computer Vision and Intelligent Robotics Engineer; Data Scientist; Decision Support Engineer; Entrepreneur; Higher Education Professor; Human-AI System Interaction Engineer; Innovation Expert; Intelligent Systems Consulting; Knowledge Engineer and Manager; Machine Learning Engineer; and Reseracher.




Número: MB15
1º Ano
Unidade curricular Período ECTS
Machine Learninig 1 1st Semester 7.5
Knowledge Engineering 1st Semester 7.5
Programming Paradigms in Artificial Intelligence 1st Semester 7.5
Planning and Decision Support 1st Semester 7.5
Intelligent Environments 2st Semester 7.5
Machine Learninig 2 2st Semester 7.5
Natural Language and Conversational Systems 2st Semester 7.5
Multi-Agent Systems 2st Semester 7.5
2º Ano
Unidade curricular Período ECTS
Social Aspects of Artificial Intelligence 1st Semester 7.5
Applied Artificial Intelligence 1st Semester 7.5
Resarch and Innovation in Artificial Intelligence 1st Semester 7.5
Preparatory Work of Project/Dissertation/Internship 1st Semester 7.5
Project/Dissertation/Internship 2st Semester 30.0