Speech-Language Therapy is a field under the scope of Communication Sciences and Disorders, an area in full growth at an international level, with expanding knowledge that brings new demands to speech therapists. Scientific development has allowed progress towards evidence-based professional practices. It is therefore essential that all professionals monitor the profession evolution and contribute to its growth, regardless of their previous experience and areas of specialization.

At P.Porto Health School we train Speech Therapists since 1981. The Master's Degree in Speech-Language Therapy, in operation since 2017, is an academic training of 90 ECTS (3 academic semesters) which aims to foster a profile with a deeper understanding of noble areas of SLT without forgetting the various roles that the Speech-Language Therapists has been called to play in the various contexts where he currently exercises his functions. Among the various areas of SLT professional practice, this curriculum explores three main areas of investment:

- Analysis and supervision of professional practices - Intends to respond to the needs of speech therapists with more years of professional experience, who collaborate in the training of young professionals;

- Advanced Practices in Speech - Intends to integrate the most current knowledge in the area of Speech, considering the evolution of the profession in terms of oral motor disorders, voice disorders and speech sound disorders;

- Advanced Practices in Communication and Language - Intends to deepen methods of integrated analysis of communication and language, as well as intervention skills in the area of specific language impairment.

The philosophy of ESS training was valued in this study plan, with a clear investment in person and family centered practices and seeking to reinforce the paradigms defended by the World Health Organization. The plan presented is also characterized by a strong versatile component (15 ECTS), being possible for students to select from several curricular units at the postgraduate level existing at the Health School, allowing an investment in areas related to management, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

Research is a transversal element to the 3 semesters, culminating in the development of a dissertation, an internship report or an action-research project that allows reflection on current practices and promoting innovative practices.



     1 st  semester

          > Research Methods [10 ECTS]

     2 nd semester

          > Instruments’ Development and Validation [5 ECTS]


          > Option A [18 ECTS] ( Only one of the 3 courses will be active in each year)

               - Op. 1 – Analysis and supervision of professional practices

               - Op. 2 – Advanced practices in Speech

               - Op. 3 – Advanced practices in Communication and Language

          > Option B [15 ECTS] ( Select the needed number of courses until completing the total amount of credits)

              - Seminars in SLT

              - Coaching and Counseling Fundamentals

              - Inovation and Enterpreneurship in SLT

              - Didactics, Multimedia and Telehealth

              - Other courses from P.Porto Health School


     1 st  semester

          > Dissertation / Project / Internship report [30 ECTS] ( Students may do this course in international mobility)



- This degree is entirely lectured in Portuguese language

- All the classes are presential and synchronous, although some of them may be also remotely transmitted to  displaced students

- All assessments are defined by the Course Syllabus according to ESS-P.Porto regulations and are usually presential


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726 Therapy and rehabilitation
Number: R/A-Cr 99/2017
No. dispatch/concierge: 8292/2017
1º Year
Curricular unit Period ECTS
Development and Validation of Research Tools 1st Semester 5.0
NULL 1st Semester 10.0
NULL (optional) 1st Semester 6.0
Health Education (optional) 1st Semester 3.0
NULL (optional) 1st Semester 12.0
NULL (optional) 1st Semester 6.0
Development and Validation of Research Tools 2st Semester 5.0
Healthcare Services Logistic Management (optional) 2st Semester 6.0
Nutrition and Supplementation (optional) 2st Semester 3.5
DESCRI Annual 12.0
NULL (optional) Annual 6.0
NULL (optional) Annual 6.0
NULL (optional) Annual 6.0
NULL (optional) Annual 6.0
DESCRI (optional) Annual 6.0
NULL (optional) Annual 6.0
NULL (optional) Annual 18.0
DESCRI (optional) Annual 18.0
DESCRI (optional) Annual 18.0
2º Year
Curricular unit Period ECTS
DESCRI 1st Semester 30.0
  • Speech Therapists with Masters in this area will be able to carry out reflective activity with a high level of competence and based on scientific evidence in one of the three areas: Supervision in professional practices, Communication and Language, or Speech
  • and to develop research in order to sustainably base their professional practices and / or to develop innovative projects in the area.   Depending on the selected optional units, they will also be able to participate in planning and management processes, or to interact in a more knowledgeable way with other professional areas in the health field.   For these reasons, although the entry into the profession is done at the degree level, the master in Speech Therapy, due to its differentiation, will be an asset for different work contexts, namely: - Public and Private Hospitals
  • - Health centers
  • - Private Clinics
  • - Social Institutions
  • - Nurseries, Kindergartens and Schools
  • - Basic Schools and Referral Units for Multideficiency, Autism and Deafness
  • - Companies
  • - Homes
  • - Rehabilitation Centers
  • - Continuing Care Units or Palliative Care.

Who should apply: Holders of a degree in Speech Therapy or legal equivalent; Holders of a foreign academic degree in the Speech Therapy area, conferred following a first cycle of studies organized in accordance with the principles of the Bologna Process by a State adhering to this Process; Holders of a foreign academic degree in the Speech Therapy area, that is recognized as meeting the objectives of the degree of licenciado by the Technical-Scientific Council of ESS-P.Porto; Holders of a school, scientific or professional curriculum in the Speech Therapy area, which is recognized as attesting the capacity to carry out this cycle of studies by the Technical-Scientific Council of ESS-P.Porto.