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Access & Admission

P.PORTO opens its door to many vocations, talents and expectations by making available one of the largest portfolios in the country, challenging, certified and with different access and admission modes.

Have you finished 12th grade (High School) and chosen a P.PORTO Degree and School?

· Access and admission to undergraduate degrees in the Concurso Nacional de Acesso ao Ensino Superior (National Competition for Access to Higher Education).
· Access and Admission to Higher Professional Technical Courses (CTeSP).
International student access and admission.
· We recall that some of the Schools of P.PORTO (ESMAE, ESE and ESS) require the fulfilment of special access requirements for their attendance.

If you have not finished the 12th year (High School) and want to enter Higher Education, we have other solutions

· If you are over 23 years old.
· If you wish to attend a preparatory course for pre-university studies, Year Zero.

And if you already have a Higher Education but want to enrich your curriculum, re-enter or change degree | Institution, P.PORTO guarantees:

· Access and admission to master’s degrees, held in each school.
. Access and admission to Undergraduate’s Degrees through the concurso especial (special contest- as holder of other training)
. Re-entry or change institution / degree

But that is not all. We have other courses that may interest you, such as:

· Post-Graduations
. Free Courses

Do not forget to check the specific regulations for each type of application.

P.PORTO Application System