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Volunteering - as a set of actions of social and community interest performed in an unselfish way - is one of the facets of Social Responsibility for the positive impact it has on society. The Polytechnic of Porto, as a higher education institution, is responsible not only to provide students with formal skills (scientific, technical and artistic) that allow them to enter the increasingly difficult and competitive labor market, but also to provide them with transversal skills. and differentiators increasingly valued by employers.

It is precisely through VOLUNTEER PROGRAMS that P.PORTO seeks to involve students, but also teachers, non-teachers, and researchers, in causes of a civic, social, intergenerational, cultural nature, defense of heritage and the environment, animals defense and similar others, and thus contribute to their integral formation.

An example of this premise is the QUALITY PROGRAM developed in partnership with different municipalities in the Portuguese northern region, which aims to combat loneliness and social abandonment to which many senior citizens are subjected. For a week, students of the P.PORTO in the areas of cultural animation, social education, health, information technology, sports, communication, hotels, and music accompany the elderly on visits and boost activities that promote interpersonal relationships, participation and citizenship, appreciation of local culture and heritage, informal physical activity, socio-emotional development, and recreation and leisure.

This volunteer camp aims to provide a different week for stakeholders by promoting intergenerational solidarity while combating the isolation and abandonment of the most vulnerable senior population.

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