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Socio-Educational Workshops


The community of P.PORTO, from students, professors, alumnis  or former employees have the possibility to participate in thematical workshops with major figures of poetry, creative writing or visual arts.

It is an unique opportunity to meet and learn from professionals such as Ana Luísa Amaral, Mário Cláudio, Sérgio Rolando or Guilhermina Cadeco.

The Socio-Educational Workshops of Politécnico do Porto are itinerant events, happening in the facilities of the different schools, post regular work hours, and with a variable duration (sessions are organized in sets of 2 hours per week), and are led by writers, artists or other national specialists, whose relation with the themes of the various workshops is well-know and, unanimously, highly regarded.

For 2019 it has been set four types of workshops: Creative Writing Workshop, Plastic Arts Workshop, Conservation and Restoration Workshop and Visual Arts Workshop (Media Arts).


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