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P.PORTO Editions

The P.PORTO Editions, Politema and Polifonia emerged from the desire to spread authors, promoters and translators that integrate the P.PORTO community, according to defined editorial criteria.

Our mission is the printed, recording and electronic publishing with editorial content that reflects and amplify the cultural principles of P.PORTO, whether of scientific nature, scientific, technical, essayistic, literary, poetic, artistic, cultural, musical or visual.

With the aim of  encouraging and promoting the development of teaching and research, the editorial activity externally discloses the very identity of P.PORTO, playing a key role in the cultural activity, becoming a privileged communication medium between the academic community and society. However, there is still the possibility to publish authors, promoters and translators outside the community who carry value to the editorial, epistemological, scientific and cultural panorama, both national and international.

In the book publishing Politema it's possible to find releases dedicated to Performative Arts, Visual and Plastic Arts, Economics and Management, Education, Engineering and Technology, History, Society and Literature. Together they form an important component of the Institution's cultural production, covering the general public and other more specialized ones

At the same time, Polifonia, the P.PORTO record / video publisher, performs the same mission in the release in CD / DVD format of Portuguese music solely, documentaries and other examples of Portuguese authors.

According to the cultural policy of management, the P.PORTO Editions  should promote the publication of a cross-sectional portfolio of contributions from all scientific areas of the Politécnico do Porto ensuring its relevance and balance with national and international editorial context.

Following the recommendations of PNL 2027 the editorial activity seeks to be a vehicle for promoting, disseminating and translating works with special relevance to the institution's cultural activity.

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