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Polytechnic’s Conferences


Culture has an array of spaces and dynamics. It’s not exclusive to a classroom, nor a stage, nor a book page. It can’t be confined neither to the realm of expertise, nor restrained to a "two cultures theory".

Polytechnic’s Conferences are, therefore, a special space where it is possible to talk about Rossini and Chemistry, Biology and Democracy or Physics and Venus de Milo.

This series of conferences is in itself a way to open the dialogue between various fields of expertise, to share knowledge and distinct experiences regarding science, education and culture. Counting on different themes, the first cycle was dedicated to “Science, Education, Culture and Society”.

An initiative of the Presidency of Politécnico do Porto, these Conferences are a space of multidisciplinary knowledge gathering and mixing several common interests of the different schools of P.PORTO.

Furthermore, it is the Politécnico do Porto mission to open up to the whole community, trying, then, to cross the boundaries between schools and theirs specific characteristics.

The speakers invited are well-known individuals, whose intervention in the public space is unanimously recognized. These are leading figures such as Alexandre Quintanilha, Isabel Pires de Lima, Carlos Fiolhais, Luís Portela, João Paulo André and plenty more.

Alexandre Quintanilha O Conhecimento como Base da Democracia
Carlos FiolhaisCiência e Arte, Duas Faces da Cultura
João Paulo André Vida e Veneno: Reflexões Químicas Sobre a Ópera

Combined Shape