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Classic Orchestra

P.PORTO gives music to the whole community.

A Orquestra Clássica do Politécnico do Porto (OCPP) was born in 2019 as a semi-professional musical structure, created and supported by the Presidency of the Politécnico do Porto.

Is intended for all members of the community, whether students or alumni, who show who have a solid instrumental training, allowing them access to an orchestral structure which enables them to undertake, develop and refine a regular instrumental/orchestral activity.

The Classic Orchestra constitutes a path of initiation and contact with orchestral practice, semi-professional, developed both in the framework of a formation as a professional curriculum, developed in the context of the world of professional work in music;

It was also intended as a place of presentation and appreciation of musical talent and instrumental practice, artistic and technical excellence acquired and developed over several years;

We seek also to be a space of conviviality and sharing, organized from a common interest, that is well beyond the specific training of each, which is the musical practice together.

Applications and admission

Admission and selection of participants to the Classic Orchestra is performed, after prior registration, through specific practical evidence (whose programs will be released prior to the interested).