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Plastic arts have an active and regular program in the cultural agenda of Politécnico do Porto.

On the thirtieth anniversary of the institution, P.PORTO designed a bustling cultural and scientific program, with the presence of national and internacional authors and artists - such as José Rufino or Karen Lacroix - in an artist residency format. The important collection of contemporary painting served as a motto for an exhibition at the Museum Soares dos Reis and four photographers of the institution printed and "framed” their eyes on the institution in the exhibition Fechar o Tempo, presented at Palácio das Artes.

The prestigious Art collection of P.PORTO, which presents incontrovertible names in contemporary Portuguese painting, such as Álvaro Lapa, René Bertholo, José Rodrigues, Sobral Centeno, Nikias Skapinakis, Manuel Cargaleiro or Francisco Laranjo, proceded on tour during the year 2018 with the Exhibition Itineraries of Objects / Aesthetics + Science = ART. The Bienal de Vila Nova de Cerveira and Tribunal da Relação do Porto received this exhibition which, in addition to the aforementioned collection of paintings, crosses the collections of the ISEP Museum heritage, scientific and pedagogical objects of incalculable historical value.

Also this collection was the object of an exhibition at Palácio of Bolsa. The exhibition Didactics for Industrialization was a special occasion to learn a brief tour about the instruments, resources, documents, people and disciplines taught at the Industrial and Commercial Institute of Porto, a journey that not only honors memory, but preserves a foundational period of technical education in a city in the midst of industrialization.

The extraordinary collection of costumes (of the exclusive responsibility and guidance of Manuela Bronze) are also exhibited, in partnership with Cooperativa Árvore.

We occupy different spaces, from different cities. We offer the community different routes, aesthetics and itineraries.

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