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Postgraduate Programme in Management of Healthcare Providers Services (Evening Classes)

The provision of healthcare is an essential service to the population and its quality deeply impacts the human being. On the other hand, the current socio-economic situation has emphasised the need for carrying out various changes in the operational paradigms in force, and healthcare services are no exception.

Therefore, it is urgent to introduce changes to guarantee procedure sustainability and autonomous continuous improvement, preferably through the establishment of a self-regulated culture of agility, which will turn the organisation into a living organism, very much like a human being. It is therefore important to provide professionals in these areas with a skill set which will enable them to have not only a more comprehensive view of the organisation, but also to intervene consistently in the processes so as to establish a successful path.

Therefore, the Postgraduate programme in Management of Healthcare Providers Services at ESEIG offers indispensable help to healthcare professionals, especially those who will or already hold a post which entails managerial or administrative activities, both in the private and in the public sector.

The skills acquired are expected to create inquiring and assertive mindsets, and high-value dynamics which will turn these professionals into cornerstones of the organisation they are inserted in.


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1º Ano
Unidade curricular Período ECTS
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Healthcare Law Summer Semester
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The applicants should have one of the following:

A bachelor's degree or its legal equivalent;

A foreign higher education degree, awarded upon completion of a 1st study cycle organized according to the Bologna model by a State who has adhered to this Process;

A foreign higher education degree, which by decision of the Technical-Scientific Council is recognised as satisfying the objectives of a bachelor's degree;

An academic, scientific and/or professional curriculum which the Technical-Scientific Council recognises as proof of the candidate¿s preparedness for the study cycle.