Network IES

Higher Education Institutions - Network Services Reference: POCI-02-0550-FEDER-012450

The IES Network project was conceived as a continuation of the IES + Perto (Nearby) project, developing new networked services and expanding the number of Higher Education Institutions that form the copromotor consortium.

The project was the subject of a SAMA2020 application to notice 01 / SAMA / 2015, Public Administration Modernization and Training Support System, with code POCI-02-0550-FEDER-012450, with an overall budget of 2,999,407,01 €, which corresponds to the FEDER (ERDF) incentive of 2,506,237.97 €.

Beneficiaries / Copromotors | Consortium Participants:

The project has as main objectives:

  • The implementation of the Only Once principle in the academic field;
  • Implementation of a CRIS model and APCs management;
  • The Cloud4IES platform extension;
  • The implementation of a common security framework.

Co-financed by: