MATHematics Digital Escape Rooms

Erasmus+ project aiming to develop a virtual escape room game involving mathematical problem-solving challenges.

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MATHematics Digital Escape Rooms is a free platform to maximize students' enjoyment, engagement and motivation in their Math learning process.

The partners will propose and share exciting exercises and problems, mostly based in real world problems, and these will be solved by students in a virtual reality framework at MaxWhere.

This virtual environment elevates the digital experience by stimulating the 3D awareness of the brain in a unique manner. We intend to move swiftly towards ‘game-based learning’.

The novel generation of students, known as Gen-Zers, were born in the digital world, being exposed to the internet, mobiles, and social interfaces, since early youth. They feel comfortable with cross-information from several sources and to move quickly from online to offline environments.

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The Math-Digger project has 6 partners from 5 countries, namely:
Politechnic of Porto (Portugal), Politechnic of Coimbra (Portugal), Hellenic Mediterranean University (Greece), Hacettepe University (Turkey), Johannes Kepler University (Austria) and Maxwhere (Hungary).

MATH-DIGGER as a platform for ‘educational games’, is designed to support students learning, expanding concepts, reinforcing development, understanding, and deepening their maths knowledge

Carla Pinto

Project Coordinator, P.PORTO

Latest Events

Latest events from the Math-Digger project.

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TP Meeting 3

24-27 April 2023

The project team meet at the Maxwhere company headquarters (Budapest, Hungary) to plan the future work regarding the 3D escape rooms.

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TP Meeting 2

20-22 February 2023

The project team meet at the Engineering School of Coimbra (Portugal) to discuss the work done and plan the future work regarding the 3D escape rooms.

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Activity C1

07-10 June 2022

The project team meet at the Department of Electronics Engineering, HMU, Chania, Greece for the Activity C1 - Development of digital modules/resources.

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Kick-off meeting

02 February 2022

The first project meeting was carried out online due to the Covid pandemic. It was the first oppportunity to all the members to align ideas and future perspectives.

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