C1 Avitivity meeting

June 07-10, 2022

The project team meet at the Department of Electronics Engineering, HMU, Chania, Greece for the Activity C1 - Development of digital modules/resources.

MATHematics Digital Escape Rooms is a free platform to maximize students' enjoyment, engagement and motivation in their Math learning process.

The main goal of the current project is to develop a virtual escape room game, that involves mathematical problem-solving challenges with didactic purposes involving the latest scientific results of education technology, psychology and the related fields. All partners develop their pedagogical materials, in the form of videos and microgames, thus promoting new teaching frameworks, international publicity, and positive feedback from students, resulting in more involvement, engagement and motivational teaching setup. MATH-DIGGER as a platform for ‘educational games’, is designed to support students learning, expanding concepts, reinforcing development, understanding, and deepening their knowledge. .