Centre for Social and Organizational Studies (CEOS)

The Centre for Organisational and Social Studies of the Polytechnic of Porto (CEOS.PP) was created in 2017 and is aligned with the mission of the Porto Accounting and Business School (ISCAP/IPP), where it is based. CEOS.PP is accredited by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) since 2020 in the area of Digital Services - Social, Cultural, Economic or of Public Administration.

It is a priority of the Centre to actively contribute to the social, digital and technological development of society, organizations and people. CEOS.PP’s researchers work towards the development and promotion of digital skills and solutions that contribute to digital transformation.

CEOS.PP's mission is based on three fundamental axes:

. Development of inter and multidisciplinary Research, Development and Innovation activities;
. Providing specialized services to the community;
. Providing advanced training in the areas of Business and Legal Sciences, Communication and Education and Information Technologies and Systems.

CEOS.PP currently has more than 200 researchers in the following research areas, which reflect the multidisciplinarity that characterizes the distinctive identity of the research carried out at CEOS.PP: Business and Legal Sciences, Communication and Education, and Information Technologies and Systems.

Ana Azevedo (Director)
Alexandra Albuquerque (Vice-Director)
Isabel Cristina Lopes (Vice-Director)
Rui Bertuzi (Vice-Director)




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