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Pós-graduação em Gestão de Sistemas de Informação Empresariais (Evening Classes)

The pos-graduate course in Business Information Systems Management seeks to promote na integrated view of management and information systems, exploring technological tools that respond to the market demands and the expectations of the business world. This course foresees a deep understanding of the strategic management of information systems and the information management that support the decision process in organizations.

Information Systems contribute to progressively increase the performance and competitiveness of organizations, supporting the critical processes in business decisions. Therefore, good management practices recommend the use of information systems to achieve efficiency and effectiveness gains in the development of business activities oriented to the customer.

The course is offered in partnership with Microsoft / myPartner, and its primary objective check the tables interdisciplinary skills organizations in the fields of Management and Information Systems from the user's perspective, through appropriate technological solutions in simulation context.


1º Ano
Unidade curricular Período ECTS
Extração de Conhecimento de Dados Para a Gestão Summer Semester 6.000
Human Resources Management Summer Semester 6.000
Noções Avançadas de Bases de Dados e Business Intelligence Summer Semester 6.000
Segurança dos Sistemas de Informação Summer Semester 6.000
Sistemas Integrados de Gestão II Summer Semester 6.000
Arquiteturas Empresariais e Modelação de Processos de Negócio Winter Semester 6.000
Commercial Management Winter Semester 6.000
Financial Management Winter Semester 6.000
Sistemas Integrados de Gestão I Winter Semester 6.000
Gestão da Produção e de Projetos Winter Semester 6.000
  • • Business Processs Managent Analist
  • • Chief Information Officer (TI Governance)
  • • Information Systems Manager
  • • Information Systems Director

Middle and senior management of organizations in the area of business management.