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Our mission is to create and disseminate knowledge, science, technology and culture, as well as to endow its students with technical, scientific, artistic and transversal competences, articulating knowledge and action and, thus, becoming an agent of transformation of the national and international territories in which it intervenes, contributing in the same way for the intelligent development of the Society.

P.PORTO presently follows a model of decentralised governance, in line with the autonomy of the Schools. P.PORTO governance structure comprises the General Council, the President, the Management Council and the Academic Council and is presently integrated by the Presidency Secretariat and Education Welfare Services, as well as the Teaching and Research Units.


It is the highest collegial body. Among its duties are regulations, the election of the President, expert opinions and other initiatives deemed necessary to the adequate running of the institution.



Higher body of governance and external representative of the institution. The President is responsible for the policy of P.PORTO and chairs the Management Council. The President is assisted by Vice-Presidents and Pro-Presidents, and by the Director.




Management Council

Under the legislation in force for public bodies with administrative autonomy, the Council is responsible for the administrative, financial and property management of the institution, as well as for the management of its human resources.


P.PORTO has a managing director. The duties of the Director include coordinating the services of the institution, manage staff that are not employed by the Teaching Units, and control the Schools that are not financially autonomous.


Academic Council

The body that coordinates P.PORTO scientific and pedagogical activities, with the aim of achieving the highest level of articulation among Teaching Units, by fostering their development and cooperation under the scope of the general framework, and by encouraging synergies and the rationalisation of resources. The Academic Council is composed of the President, Vice-Presidents, Director and the Presidents of the eight schools.

Teaching Units

P.PORTO is made up of eight Teaching and Research Units - the schools. Their mission is teaching, research and the provision of services within the scope of their specific areas of expertise. The schools have scientific, pedagogical, administrative and financial autonomy. Schools may include or may have the power to create subunits, namely, research units.


An autonomous service, focusing on the provision of school social action services. Their duties include the carrying out of social action policies, namely, according to the terms of the law, the provision of direct and indirect support, such as scholarships, food, accommodation, healthcare services, cultural and sports activities. The service is headed by the Administrator.



The Ombudsman defends and promotes the legitimate interests of the whole academic community and recommends actions to improve the quality of the learning/teaching process. The activity of the Ombudsman is carried out in connection with the Students Unions, and other bodies and services of the institution and of the schools.